Antique Furniture Dining Rooms

the line of Our Antique Furniture dining rooms are in Regency , Louis XV , Louis XVI , Directoire , and Empire styles ; here you are viewing in this section of our online catalogue a big collection of our Antique French Dining rooms in French , Italian Classic and Spanish style just contact us for more information about dimension and prices I hope the photos do this stunning piece some justice, it's certainly better in the flesh and is offered in perfect condition ready for home use right away Cook up a feast and celebrate with your friends and family everyday in one of our luxurious dinning rooms. Our know-how that has been accumulated over the years ensures that our diningrooms are durable, impressive, and practical


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Antique French Furniture Dining rooms in Regency , Louis XV , Louis XVI ,

 Directoire ,and Empire styles.

The line of of antique furniture dining rooms are in Regency , Louis XV , Louis XVI , Directoire , and Empire styles our factory respect the techniques of traditional cabinet making and the proportions of stamped models from original era.

Egyptian handmade antique furniture reproductions And French furniture Dining rooms ,Supplier and wholesale exporter of classic Italian carved Dining room , French furniture replicas Dining room, Hand crafted living rooms, hand carved and hand painted antique classic furniture dining room. Business to business for importers, wholesalers, distributors, interior designers , furniture dealers and antique furniture sellers. Our French antique furniture reproductions Dining rooms is Egyptian handcrafted.

French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Gilt-Bronze Mounted Dining Room A Very Fine Palatial French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Mahogany and Gilt-Bronze Mounted Dining room Comprising of a Large Mahogany Dining Table with Gilt-Bronze Mounts and Four Extensions and Twelve Gilt-Bronze Mounted Armchairs